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Collaborate on ISO Compliance with your whole team!

Create a culture of compliance with ISO Legal Registers in your own terminology

Every organisation has to comply with legislation so the easiest way to get it right is to understand what it means, and then collaborate with your team in language they can understand!

Collaborate on ISO Compliance with your whole team!

Compliance Obligations don’t just belong to the Compliance Team or the Management Team. With ISO Compliance Register, you can create a Register for any part of the business you want (or any Standard!).

Simply add the legislation to each Register and for every entry, fill in the details that matter for your team. Within minutes, your Register becomes a great point of reference for your team and the first place they can look for more information.

Give your team compliance information they can use!

For years, organisations have created ISO Compliance Registers that sit on shelves and mean nothing to anyone! But if Legislation and Compliance matters to your business, why not write the details in your own language and terminology.

With ISO Compliance Registers, you can write how you manage every item in your own terms so anyone in your organisation can understand it! From how you manage the basics on Waste Transfer Notes to the more detailed stuff like Explosive Atmospheres, they will finally understand what it means!

Reduce the risk of getting ISO Compliance wrong

The best return on investment for any ISO Compliance Manager is cutting your risks of non-conformances! With ISO Compliance Register, you can demonstrate to auditors and Regulators that you’ve got issues under control.

You can set audit dates for every item that affects your business. You can prioritise the important parts of your ISO Compliance Registers and reduce the burden of the less risky elements.

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