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A Compliance Audit Programme that is completely in control!

Drive audit programmes that focus on the issues that matter!

You need to create an audit programme on your Legal Requirements and Compliance Obligations. With ISO Compliance Register, this doesn’t have to be difficult anymore! You can build a programme on what matters the most and show you are in control!

A Compliance Audit Programme that is completely in control!

Create a focused audit programme for each register in your organisation. Concentrate your effort on the compliance obligations that affect you directly so you get to understand what matters the most.

Many ISO Compliance Registers contain legislation that is for information-only, which is important so you can demonstrate you know all about them; but you don’t want to waste time being forced to audit everything! ISO Compliance Register helps you get it right!

Set realistic audit schedules

You need to audit your requirements but with ISO Compliance Register, you don’t need to do it all in one go! Simply set a date for each requirement and over time, you’ll complete your audit programme in simple, bite-size chunks.

Allowing yourself realistic times to audit each requirement in turn ensures that you give it the due care and attention that is needed to make sure you are performing to the level you want to!

Track overall Audit performance

ISO Compliance Register gives you real-time reporting on your audit performance. You’ll be able to see the status of your audit programme as it happens; if there is an issue, you can see it straightaway.

You set the audit programme; it’s all in your control so if you need to re-arrange audits, it’s quick and simple.

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