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Legal and Guidance Update November 2023

What ISO Compliance Obligations are new in November 2023

In November, we sent out a full update to our subscribed users, including Primary and Secondary legislation. Of particular interest was the following:

Procurement Act 2023

The Procurement Act 2023 is a significant piece of legislation that sets the future framework for public purchasing. It is significant for businesses of all sizes that seek to sell goods and services into the public sector. The Procurement Act 2023 sets out the obligations on contracting authorities, ensuring they operate transparently.

The Public Charge Point Regulations 2023

This instrument introduces regulations to improve the experience consumers have when using electric vehicle (EV) public charge points. The instrument will require contactless payment, payment roaming and a standard pricing metric of pence per kilowatt hour. The instrument will also put in place a 99% reliability requirement for rapid public charge points and ensures that charge point operators make data on their charge points available which will assist consumers in locating the right charge points for their needs.

Worker Protection (Amendment of Equality Act 2010) Act 2023

This Act sets out a series of requirements on Employers to take reasonable steps to prevent sexual harassment of employees in the course of their employment. Failure to do so, will result in a Tribunal after which complainants could be awarded compensation.

What Compliance Obligations have been amended?

There are a high number of amendments to current statutory and regulatory requirements. Full subscribers will have received the full update via their email so please check through this for your full information.

For those of you who do not subscribe, a flavour of these amendments includes the:

If the relevant requirements are in your ISO Compliance Registers, these will be applied automatically and you will be able to see them via the Amendments Dashboard item.

What’s new in the ISO Compliance Register Tool?

We’ve been busy developing the ISO Compliance Tool and adding new Content in November 2023.

  1. New functionality – Adding Information on Legislation to Tasks
  2. New Content

New functionality – Adding Information on Legislation to Tasks

As requested by one of our users!

When you create a Task from a piece of legislation (e.g. you are auditing that legislation and find a Non-conformance), then the details of the legislation and the Register will show in the task. The assigned person can then reference that information.

New Content 

We’ve added:

  • 14 New Acts and Primary Legislation
  • 25 New Regulations and Orders
  • 24 New Amendments to existing Regulations and Orders