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Legal and Guidance Update May 2024

What ISO Compliance Obligations are new in May 2024

In May, we sent out a full update to our subscribed users, including Primary and Secondary legislation. Of particular interest was the following:

The Separation of Waste (England) Regulations 2024

The Separation of Waste (England) Regulations 2024 represents a vital step forward in managing waste more responsibly and sustainably. While the transition may require some adjustment, the long-term benefits of reduced environmental impact, improved public health, and greater efficiency in resource usage make these regulations a crucial development. Businesses are advised to begin preparations early, ensuring they are fully compliant by the time the regulations fully come into effect, thus contributing positively to a greener future.

FSSC 22000

Food Safety System Certification 22000 is a comprehensive and robust framework designed to ensure the safety of food products across the entire supply chain. Certification under this standard can significantly enhance an organisation’s credibility and demonstrate its commitment to food safety, thereby providing a competitive edge in the market. Compliance involves a systemic approach to managing food safety risks and requires continuous improvement, making it vital for businesses involved in the food sector to adhere to and maintain these standards consistently.

Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (Carcinogens, Mutagens and Reprotoxic Substances) Regulations 2024

The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (Carcinogens, Mutagens, and Reprotoxic Substances) Regulations 2024 represents a significant strengthening of health and safety standards in Irish workplaces. By focusing on stringent exposure controls, substitution of hazardous substances, and enhanced worker training and surveillance, the regulations aim to significantly reduce occupational illnesses associated with CMRs. Compliance with these regulations not only helps protect employees but also contributes to creating a safer, healthier work environment, fostering a culture of safety and responsibility that benefits everyone in the organisation.

New legislation published in May 2024 that has been added:

  • 2 New Acts and Primary Legislation
  • 15 New Regulations and Orders
  • 13 New Amendments to existing Regulations and Orders
  • 15 New ‘other’ guidance updates
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What Compliance Obligations have been amended?

There are a high number of amendments to current statutory and regulatory requirements. Full subscribers will have received the full update via their email so please check through this for your full information.

For those of you who do not subscribe, a flavour of these amendments includes the:

If the relevant requirements are in your ISO Compliance Registers, these will be applied automatically and you will be able to see them via the Amendments Dashboard item.