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How do I meet ISO Compliance Obligations?

What are ISO Compliance Obligations?

Compliance Obligations are legal requirements that an organisation must comply with and other requirements that an organisation must or chooses to comply with. These requirements can include laws and regulations, contracts, codes of practice and voluntary commitments like industry standards.

What process do I need for ISO Compliance Obligations?

To meet the requirements for ISO Compliance Obligations you will need to develop a set of instructions that outline the steps you have taken to identify and fulfil compliance obligations that apply to your organisation or business.

Compliance obligations and the needs and expectations of interested parties need to be documented and understood in terms of risk.

The purpose of the compliance obligations procedure is to outline an organization’s methodology for identifying, complying and monitoring obligations which relate to your identified aspects in the context of your operations and product life cycle. The evaluation and review of relevant compliance obligations is often achieved through the provision of access to legal requirement databases and resources.