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Adding Value with BSi Certification – Part 1

Getting ISO Certified with BSI Global

In this video, Adam Faiers, from ISO Compliance Register interviewed Kru Raval, BDM with BSI, a leading UKAS accredited Certification Body about onsite and remote auditing for ISO Management systems.

This is the first part of the full interview and covers a range of topics:
1) What ISO Standards are popular?
2) The added value of BSi
3) The process of getting certified
4) How long is an ISO audit?
5) What do ISO auditors do during an ISO Audit?
6) What if I’m not ready for an ISO audit – can I fail my Stage 1 audit?
7) Getting an ISO Certificate?
8) Getting a letter of Intent
9) How do BSI deal with complaints?
10) Do I get the same auditor all the time?